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15 Funny Friendship Quotes For Your Crazy Friendship

Funny Friendship Quotes: hey guys welcome to my blog! today I m gonna share some close bound of friendship quotes which I have used to share with my friends. before going any further make sure to bookmark our blog for future best funny friendship quotes

Some friends are not just friend they become family! for that kind of friends, I will suggest you guys the best collection of funny friendship quotes to share with. A true friend doesn't need any kind of quotes and pictures but there are some friends that don't understand what is the meaning of friendship.

Funny Friendship Quotes

Your best friend may very special for you in your life, however, it is quite difficult to express the feeling how you feel about your best friend. how much they meant in your life, it is the little bit harder to express the feeling what you feel for them. So might be this collection of funny friendship quotes will definitely help you to express your feeling about your best friend

15 Funny Friendship Quotes  

Funny Friendship Quotes

1. MY parents think my best friend is very cute, shy & "INTELLIGENT PERSON"

but, I know he is opposite of my parent thinking.

2. BE! warned I'm bored

'this could get dangerous to my best friend'

3. me and my best friend,

friend: NO, you ask
me: please just ask
friend: "why can't you do it?"

me: OK fine! excuse me can we have some ketchup?

4. friends come and go like waves of the sea!

BUT, the true ones who stay, like an octopus on your face. they just attached  with your soul

5. A good friend calls you in jail
a great friend bails you out of jail.

your best friend sits next to you and say's

"was not that fun?"

6. never lets your friends feel lonely!

disturb them all the time.

7. log kehte hai. ke gaali khane se lambi umar milti hai

tab to Mera dost Amar ho jayega!

8. life is kind of like a party. you invite a lot of people, some leave early, some stay all night, some laugh with you, some laugh at you, and some showed up really late. But after the fun, there are a few friends who stay to help you clean up the mess. they are not even the ones who made the mess. these people are your true friends. they are the only ones who matter.

9. WE ARE BEST FRIEND always remember that if you fall. I will pick you up!


10. friendship is getting into her car even though her driving makes you fear for your life

11. Chutiya , maha chutiya , fir aata hai mera dost ka naam!

12. *friends be like*
bro: give me 500 rupees I need it urgent! kal lelena
me: take 1,000 rupees but give me today!

13. we all have that friend who cares more than any other!
that friend we called it Bc!

I hope this 15 funny friendship quotes might help you to express your funny feelings about  your best friend. if this did then share this article with your friends and make sure to book mark our blog for the best funny friendship quotes in future
Funny Friendship Quotes

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